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The team of Bramare Mobile will test any mobile device and browser before releasing them to the market. Be sure your clients will get the best from your company and will return again and again to your products.


There are plenty of reasons to select Bramare Mobile for testing your products. We are extremely proud of our team of professionals, the many satisfied customers and the numerous tested products that are already in the hands of end users. Having spent years buried in all types of mobile devices made us the experts we are and during the years many developers joined our team to make a perfect combination of great skills, knowledge and professionalism for a really great working environment. Top quality of our services is guaranteed!

Top Quality

Every company claims that its services are the best and there are no better companies in the same field on the market. We don’t claim such a thing. We work hard, we have satisfied customers that come back and the products we test are selling all over the globe. That’s enough to say we offer a top quality service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In the unlikely case you are not satisfied with our work, we guarantee an understanding and quick solution to the problem, trouble-free communication and if we can’t solve the problem, you will get a full refund. Our mission is to make our customers happy and successful, don’t hesitate to demand that of us!

Lifelong Support

Once we test an app, browser or device, we keep the product and the records of it and we can bring back to it any time. We know that most of the clients develop several products and maintain them for a long time and they will need our support again. So don’t worry, we remember your product and will check it again if needed.
Finding issues on your own products is really hard sometimes. Our developers spend weeks and months creating amazing apps and though our users were in general satisfied with them, there were some small bugs that we could not find. The experts from Bramare Mobile just know what and where to check and what the clients are looking for. We are sincerely impressed by the way these guys are keen to find if there is something wrong with the apps.

Jeremy Stevens

Communications Manager, Strock Digital
Bramare Mobile is amongst the best companies in the field of testing services. You can always rely on them, no matter how much products you develop and need to test. Last year we gave them over 200 devices to be tested as soon as possible and they made what we thought would be impossible and reviewed them in no time. And most importantly, there were no compromises with quality, every single piece was tested and the problems reported before we start selling the items.

Stoyan Georgiev

SEO, Sofia Market Group
We spent years without working with external companies and we tested our products ourselves. We saved money that way but there was always something we were missing. The end users often contacted us to report issues that we needed to fix. We realized that this is a lost time for our company and instead of investing in new products, we had to change the old ones. Bramare Mobile helped us a lot with all these issues and now we are focused on our main work.

Stephan Wozniek

Customer Support Manager, Alera Solutions

Never let your clients get disappointed with the products you offer. In times of enormous competition and users that require higher and higher quality day after day, you can't afford losing even a single client because of a small problem that can be easily fixed. We are here to help you solving any problem!